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As an international museum consultancy, France Muséums supports the transformation of cultural organizations by drawing on its unique expertise and network in France and abroad. France Muséums France Muséums originated from an exceptional collective venture: the birth in Abu…

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Multi-facetted expertise Since its creation, France Muséums has forged close connections with a unique network of public and private partners. Depending on the specific characteristics of each project, we select leading experts from this network in France and abroad. Our…

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France Muséums offers a wide range of innovative cultural consultancy services thanks to its 360° expertise in the field of museums and heritage institutions. These services can take the form of consultancy or project management under contract.

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The scenography of Stories of paper exhibition

Stories of Paper – Building a dialogue between exhibits and scenography

Jointly organised by France Muséums, Musée du Louvre and Louvre Abu Dhabi, the new temporary exhibition “Stories of Paper” will take place from 20 April to 24 July 2022. The exhibition explores the countless opportunities paper offers for artistic expression and encourages visitors to take a fresh look at this everyday material that has become less widely used in the digital era. These “stories of paper” give visitors the chance to discover points of convergence between different civilisations in innovative, palpable ways.

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What is at stake when creating a museum?

Most of the museum projects have become more complex and larger in recent years. Clients have been pushing design and content boundaries, while designers have been challenging the limits of buildability. Programs have been getting fast-tracked, visitors’ expectations and customers’ demand for cutting-edge experiences seem to be rising day by day. To deliver such a coherent and complete experience to their audience, upcoming museum projects must rely on an integrative approach and clearly state their vision.

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